Chess Game Rules

Game board: on every chess board game there has 2 players only. and can play chess game each other online.

Game time: for every game there is no time limit. ending game is depends upon player moves action.

How to join game: once player logged in then player can see the list of online players with their nick names in invite players menu from app and there list is of players those are not playing game but once player joined game then this player will be removed from the list. Click on the nick name of player and select game type how you would like to play fro free points or for real money points (1 point = 1 INR) in real points. then enter for how much points you want to play game and then click on ok button then you will see count down timer of 30 seconds. and invite notification is sent to player you selected and once player accept your invite then game will start. some times invited player can reject your invite because of few reasons like this player don't want to play game now, this player don't want to play game for selected game type free or real or you entered points are more or less. Second way to join chess game: in the Quick join option select game type which you want to play free or money then select points and click on join button. then you will be see chess board and waiting for another player to join game message. now you joined game will be seen by another players below the quick join option and interested player can join quick by clicking join button in the list and you will be join that game and count down timer will start for 10 seconds and then game will start.

Game logic: in the game there is basic chess game game logic where two players play chess game by alternate turn. when two players join chess board game then initial count down timer of 10 seconds will start to be prepared and after end of timer actual chess game will start in between two players. Once chess game start then randomly game id will be generated and it is unique to track your game transactions. white pieces will be alloted randomly so in any game any player will have white pieces. After game started player can not leave the board game, if any player want to leave then player can resign game and leave board, but resign means lost game and opponent will be declared as winner and points will be deducted from who resigned game and will be credited to winner account immediate.

Turns: every player have one minute (60 seconds) turn time and within given turn time player should make move other wise turn will go to opponent player. if any player does not make move then turn goes to opponent player and opponent player can make move even another player did not. and so on,

Disconnected: if any player get disconnected to game because of any reasons like internet lost, mobile or pc closed or app closed any ways then game will be continued till the game end and connected opponent will make moves in their turn time. in this mode disconnected player can be reconnect by opening app or web after login and can see the running their games in my active games menu and player can see game id (s) there and can continue game by clicking on game id and game will continue from current status running. if disconnected player couldn't reconnect then what will happen? if one disconnected player not reconnected then opponent connected player can make moves in his/her turn time alternatively and once disconnected player get checkmate or killed his/her king then game will be over and winner will be declared and points also will be debited from looser's account and will be credited to winner's account. and now disconnected player will be removed from game and connected player will see message waiting for aanother player to join game like this. if any opponent is not disconnected to game but does not making moves then even after game end next game will start automatically.

Leave game: if player don't want to play next game then player can leave the game before game starting at the time of initial count down timer running and can rejoin any another game.

what will happen if both players disconnected? if both players disconnected and not reconnected in game time of 45 minutes without making moves by any player out of both then end of 45 mins game will be finished but points will not be deducted or credited to player means no points lost. but if any player made moves then legal more moves will be calculated and winner will be declared who made more legal moves and points will be credited to winner and next game will not start if both players are disconnected to game. After the game end we deduct software mangement and maintenance fees from winning points only and remaining will be credited to winners account in all games.

Tournament Rules:

when we schedule the tournament then it can be for free or for some fees to join. if tournament is free then then player no need to have real points/money in their account and can join free. if tournament charge some fees then player need to have that much real/money points in their account.

Price distribution: if tournament prize is 1000 then it can be distributed to top some players like top 1 winner or top 2 or 5 winners or 50 top winners with different prizes according their chess game positions. we shows the prizes distribution position wise in every tournament deatils.

if two or more players are on same position/rank then prize will be distributed equally to all players in that position. if scheduled tournament canceled by any reasons then joined tournament fees of player's will be refunded in their account and all rights we have to make changes in tournament with or without notification to any players. Prizes of tournaments can be changed any time depending upon the number of players joined in the tournament.

How tournament rules work: If tournament scheduled for 50 players then when time comes to start tournament then tournament will start with multiple board games where every board has two players each. means 25 boards will start initially and all players will be joined randomly to board which are unpredictable. Then 25 chess baords will run at a same time and it is called first stage of tournament. For the second stage all stage should be finished means 25 winners from 25 boards should come out. here some boards can be finished in less time and some will take more time but every stage has max 30 minutes, after 30 mins end then one player will be declared as like general chess game and lost player will be removed from board and winner will see message wait till next stage start like this. all game logic will work like chess game logic turn based. once first stage finished then next stage will start and every board will have 2 players randomly generated and if in odd numbers winner comes then one player remaining will be joined in the third stage but till that time player will wait to finish stage. so this stage wise continues and end of the last stage as per number players joined, only two players will have on board game and out of that one top winner will be declared and all player's positions will be tracked and accordingly will distribute tournament prizes. rest all basic game logic rules are same of chess game.