How to play Chess Game

How To Play Chess For Free:-

Dear Players enjoy free chess experience with us, we provide free chess playing platform to our players to learn and get practical experience and develop your chess game skill. If you want to play chess game for free then just follow these steps to get started chess game with online another player.

1) Log in to your account with username and password.

2) Once you get logged in then you will be redirect to game lobby page, where you will see three part of page. a) Left side part (my active tables) shows your running games if any games you are playing currently. b) middle part (Account Details) shows your account details like practice points, real points, referral bonus, also you can purchase real point online by using buy points button, also you can withdraw your earned real points in your bank account. Real points are real money which you can withdraw and 1 point = 1 INR. c) this is right side third part (Online players) where you will see online players list those are not playing game at this moment. if any player start game with another player then that player wil disappear from this part online players.

3) You can click on player name to invite player to play game with you, after click you will see small pop up where you can select "free" to play chess for free and next one small text box will display where you need to enter practice/free points for bet with player as per given minimum entry and above,then click on invite button and now you have invited player to play game. After your invitation to opponent player will see your request to play chess, if opponent player wants to play chess game as per your given points and type then opponent player will accept request and game will start and first player will get white pieces who invited. if opponent don't want to play then can reject request. and it will happen vice versa.

4) Now you can play chess with online another player turn based, every player will get turn of 60 seconds, in the turn time player needs to move any piece otherwise turn will go to alternate player. without time turn player can not move any piece.

5) if any player don't want to play game once started then player can resign game and opponent will be declared as winner and you will lost bet points and winner will win your points.

6) again game will start and for that you need to have sufficient points to bet again.

7) if you win free games then your free/practice points will be increase. if you lost free games then your free/practice points will decrease.